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Boutique Web Design

Web Hosting Partners

All web designs include a complete installation to any of the following web hosting companies. Each of these hosts provide an easy to use administrative panel with an integrated shopping cart. You can create, edit, and modify as many categories, products, and content pages as you like via your online website manager. No HTML knowledge is required.

Why do we require hosting with one of our hosting providers for free installation?

We are often asked why we provide installation services only to the companies listed below, and why do we not work with other hosting companies. Our templates are designed to work with the sitebuilder / shopping cart that these hosts install on their customers sites. Other hosting companies may include a sitebuilder with their hosting packages, but our templates are not compatible with other software applications.

Self-Installation Option

If you are interested in purchasing a template and using it with a host that is not listed below, please see our self-install option page for more information.

Hosting Plan Requirements

To receive installation services and to be able to add and maintain your site content with no coding experience, you must purchase a hosting plan that includes the sitebuilder / shopping cart software! Some of our hosts offer basic plans that do not include that feature and some also offer plans with other carts and so please be sure to confirm with your host that your plan includes the right software for a template installation! Compatible Hosting Providers

Compatible Hosts/Carts with FREE Installation

Compatible Hosts/Carts with Installation Fee
  • 3DCart - $50 installation fee (unless using a 3dcart template listed here)


If your host is listed above, there is an addtional fee for template installation. You can order template installation here.


Need to register a domain name?

Show your amazing talent online! Start with a $1.99 .Com Domain!

Looking for a design compatible with Shoppe Pro's Ultimate Shopping Cart, Shopify, BigCommerce or Wordpress?

Contact Robin at for a conversion quote! She can take almost any template on my site and convert it work with these premium carts.

(Don't see your host listed? Please contact me!)

If you use another web host/shopping cart not listed above, you have the option to 'self install' the template. I will send you the html code and all the graphics included in your template and you can install it into your web hosting site yourself. Please contact me before purchase of you have any questions regardiing the self-install option.