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Boutique Web Design

How It Works

An online boutique using a Web Template requires three elements:


1. domain + 2. web hosting/shopping cart + 3. template

Domain Name

Web Hosting/Shopping Cart


A domain name is the "address" of your new online boutique. You may register your domain with a registrar such as

Your web host is like a "landlord" for your web template, graphics, photos, text, etc. You will pay a monthly fee to your web hosting provider to "house" your online store on their server. Your new web host will install a site-builder / shopping cart which enable you to add and maintain your own products, categories, photos and text.

Your purchased Web Template will function as the design framework for the sitebuilder / shopping cart that your new host will install on your web hosting account.

Need to register a domain name?

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Design Process: Just starting out

Building and launching your online boutique is as easy as 1-2-3 when you purchase a Web Template and set up web hosting with one of our Web Hosting Providers. The steps involved are outlined below.

Additional information:

If you have a store open hosted by a Web Hosting Provider and just want a new template, will simply deactivate your current template and activate the new template you purchased.

If you currently have a store open online that is not hosted by a Web Hosting Provider but plan to switch your hosting, you can notify your new host that you would like to keep your current store open while you stock your new store. Your new host will set up a temporary site for you to add your content and when you are ready to launch will assist you with pointing the nameservers on your domain to your new site.

If you do not wish to host with one of our Approved Web Hosting Providers, you may purchase the base html and graphics. However, it is important that you review our Self-Installation Page prior to purchase.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have via email. Feel free to contact us and we will respond via email within one business day.