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We have listed the most frequently asked questions about our products and services below.

If you have questions about the legal use of our products and services, please see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

I would like to set up a website for my business but I am not sure where to start.

Please see our Getting Started page for detailed information.

How long should I expect before my project is complete?

Please see our Turnaround Times page for detailed information.

Can you be reached by telephone?

We are a small company and field hundreds of inquiries each month which makes it virtually impossible to offer telephone support. We will be happy to answer all questions and requests via the Contact Link, and will do so within one to two business days. If you have questions pertaining to the sitebuilder / shopping cart or web hosting, you may contact the web host directly for more information.

Which web hosting companies do you work with?

Please visit our web hosting providers page for a list of web hosting providers we currently work with.

What if I don't want to switch my web hosting provider to one of your hosts. Can I still purchase a template?

If you do not wish to host with a company that is listed on our web hosting providers page, you are still welcome to purchase a web template. However, please note that the templates themselves do not contain any functionality to your site or give you the ability to add or maintain your site content on your own. The template is basically the design framework and must to be implemented into a shopping cart or site builder such as the one our Approved Hosting Providers install. The sitebuilder / shopping cart system is what gives you the ability to and maintain your site on your own, not the template. If you purchase the template and do not wish to host with one of our Approved Hosting Providers, on your scheduled project date you will receive a zip file with 1-3 HTML pages, images and a CSS file. You may also purchase many of our web templates for automatic download in our download shop. You will need to have a good knowledge of html and css and able to use the template to build your own website independently. Please note that no support or instructions are included when you opt to self-install.

I have my own logo. Can you add it to one of your designs?

We would be happy to add your logo to one of our designs at no extra charge. However, a few file requirements must be met. Please see our Customer Logo page for detailed information about implementing your logo into a web template design.

Can the color and/or font be changed on one of your designs?

We are happy to do an overall color change to most of our designs for an additional fee. Please see our Font and Color Change page for detailed information.

What if I need customizations or revisions at a later date? Is that included with my purchase?

After your template has been installed, requests for revisions will be subject to additional fees. To receive a quote for customizations you may submit a request via the Contact Link with all of the details about exactly what you would like to change and we will be happy to provide an estimate. You may also purchase add-ons through the website at any time following your template installation.

Do you add my categories, products and content?

Your web template purchase does not include the addition of categories, products, photos and text. This is something that you will need to do, or hire a web admin to do for you. Each of the web hosting providers we work with provide an excellent set of tutorials and friendly customer support to assist you in the process.

Can you provide the layered .psd files for the template I purchased? does not release the .psd or any other layered files.

Oh no! I don't know what I did but I messed up my template!

Our web templates are installed internally and are not pasted onto the template page as some template designers do. If you attempt to edit the code on the template page, you may have knocked the template structure off. Simply find the name of your template, select it and click apply. If that does not reset the template, feel free to contact us and we will try to help you determine what went wrong. can not be responsible for any edits made to the code by the customer or by a 3rd party. If repairs to the code need to be made, maintenance fees will be incurred.

I already have an account set up with one of your web hosting providers. If I order a template from you will I have to start over adding my content again?

The web template is basically the design framework for the sitebuilder / shopping cart that your web host has installed for you and your content is added to the software itself, not to the web template. You can change the template anytime and your content will not be disturbed.

What forms of payment do you accept? accepts secure online payments through Paypal or Google Checkout.

I don't see my question answered here. How can I contact you?

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have via email. Feel free to submit a request via the Contact Link and we will respond via email within one business day.